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The artist

Doctor of art, the artist also likes to remind it owes much - among others - to the teaching of Annie Cardi who was his professor of fine arts at the college St. Joseph in Bastia and who lavished him with fundamental knowledge in terms of technique.


Béatrice Tozzi in Solaro 16,17 and 18 August next to discover or rediscover... artist .a heightened sensitivity...

Woman before being artist unless is is contrast, Béatrice Tozzi, arrives to seize the moments T and transcribe them by adding the Emotion of felt. An Emotion that she manages to share, to materialize through his works.His portraits, landscapes, environments or lifes emit such a force that the visitor cannot remain insensitive. If many of his portraits will soothe you, others on the contrary you will be uncomfortable, they give the impression to be the observed thing and no longer be the observer. His works can even be by some felt as indecent by the fact that they do not transcribe only the reality, but that they lay bare the subject matter. They appear gasoline even latter highlighting by the expression of the palette of feelings, not not only their plastic but also their Etant.certains of his portraits grow you to introspection, to return to basics to get rid of superfluous, prejudices and presuppositions in two words: true.

beatrice Tozzi artiste peintre, questionnement
beatrice Tozzi artiste peintre, vieux port de Bastia

Passionate of Amerindian cultures, his portraits often depict characters from these worlds. Without no hyperrealism B Tozzi works are both travel customers in distant lands and the deepest of them even against States of soul and conscience, feelings and States of facts that don't let never indifferent. If the artist excels in the art of the portrait, it is however confined not in this exercise at how complicated and particular. B Tozzi landscapes are also of a surprising Bill that both allows them to represent the places but also to feel the emotional load that they can release. Singular artist in "quest for light", B Tozzi uses various techniques: acrylic, pencil, ballpoint pen black, ink of China... which all tend to formalise or conceptualize parts of a Collective memory of a Culture, a history, representing them in the guise of a face, a place or specific colours... Skin-deep B Tozzi works all tell a particular story that actually would represent nothing if it were related to the General they embody. The strength of the artist is to from a time T that it Immortalizes us to taste a culture as a whole. The love of the artist for his land in fact allows him to be able to transcribe the palette of varied emotions through his creations with great talent. Being in any way the painter locked in the corsitude and insularity, the trimming through its universe artist "common pot" of cultures both so different and so close...Through his work, the visitor will be undoubtedly upset by a plurality of emotions that will make it to reposition itself from a world he thought to be appropriate from the point of vu of affect, and which he believed to be the only one to be able to define the emotional boundaries throughout his life. The artist's creations question, interrogate, bother, claim, they are not content to be arguable, watched they are intriguing, disturbing, simple and complex both, bright and contrasty, belonging to us and us being foreign to both...
Always passionate "Screenshots" of television series and films, the artist reveals sometimes this aspect of his personality during the Act of creation.

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